OMAKASE by TEISUI originated as an Izakaya style (including sushi) focused restaurant since its inception in 2016. However, with the rising voices and requests from our beloved customers, we have decided to cater our restaurant more towards sushi. So we decided to reopen on October 15th 2018 and decided to operate solely with an Omakase sushi concept going forward.
The difference in our Omakase sushi menu is that unlike a conventional concept of spending more than $100 per person for an omakase dining experience, we have set our Omakase sushi menu price at very friendly range making for a more approachable dining experience. With the lunch price starting at $22 and dinner starting at $48, we at OMAKASE by TEISUI welcome all guests to come and experience dining with a casual mindset.
Our goal is to satisfy your love for sushi and most importantly for you to taste the authentic and quality sushi made by our Executive Chef Taguchi Kazunobu who comes with more than 20 more years of experience in both Japan and the USA. The three price options of Omakase sushi course set at $48, $60, and $85 (we also provide a kosher omakase sushi option) allow all customers to pick an occasion to either take their date, business client or their best buddies to come and enjoy.

Omakase is short for "omakase shimasu," which roughly means
"I trust you,[chef]." For an experience built on trust, the customer must feel
comfortable and open to new experiences.
Omakase is a traditional Japanese dining style in which the chef provides a
meal tailored to your preferences based on availability,budget,taste,and

In Japan
We say "itadakimasu" ("I gratefully receive") before eating,
and "gochisosama(deshita)" ("Thank you for the meal") after finishing the meal.

Also, when you would like to say so delicious you can say "So Oishi!!!!!!!"
We will be happy for sure.

Why our sushi rice has a brown color?
This is because we mix the rice with red vinegar.
Red vinegar (Also known as Akazu) is made using sake lees
which is the yeast slurry left over from sake production.
It is considered by many to be the vinegar of choice for
traditional Edomae (Tokyo style)-sushi.
It brings a deep, flavorful,
and refreshing taste full of umami to sushi rice.
It also has many health benefits.
Some of the many benefits include a stronger immune system,
increased physical energy, body fat combustion,
heightened concentration, and skin and hair beautification.

TEISUI is designed to recreate the experience of a Japanese Ryokan* hotel in New York City.
It’s a long way from Japan, and yet TEISUI restaurant is on the same latitude (40 degrees North)
as its sister hotel of the same name in the Akita province in Japan.

The food is prepared by a highly skilled team of Japanese chefs,
The team works in concert and is supported by a roster of visiting chefs from the hotel in Akita, Japan.

akita Ryokan TEISUI

*A “Ryokan” hotel is a very different cultural concept that is unique to Japan.
At this type of hotel, guests come primarily to dine, often in their room, and to relax and experience nature.
Each room has a dedicated staff person who brings a tasting menu course by course.
The TEISUI hotel is historic, the only hotel in the Akita region where the Emperor stayed.
It is located in a remote, isolated and beautiful spot on Oga Peninsula. Situated at the top of a mountain,
there are breathtaking ocean views from every room.

Teisui hotels in Akita



Tue - Fri  12:00 pm - 2:30 pm


Mon - Sat  5:30 pm - 10:00 pm

We are located at:

246 Fifth Ave. New York, NY 10001
(entrance on 28th St. between Fifth and Broadway)

917 388 3596


28th St [W,R]
28th St [6]

Media or Private Events


Book your Omakase by Teisui reservation on Resy

Thanks so much for thinking of us!
We accept a very limited number of reservations for parties up to 4 guests only through our website.
We encourage you to visit without a Reservation as we keep most of our tables available for our Walk In guests.
If there is a wait, we’ll gladly take your name and number at the host stand and text you when the table is becoming available.
We seat parties in the order that they are complete. Incomplete parties or those more than fifteen minutes late may forfeit their reservation.
Should this occur our hosts will do their best to get your party sat as soon as possible.
We hope to see you soon!