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Omakase by Teisui was created in October 2018 out of passion for sushi and great service. The difference in our Omakase sushi menu is that unlike a conventional concept of spending between $100 to $300 per person for an omakase dining experience, we have set our Omakase sushi menu price at very friendly range making it more approachable dining experience. With the lunch pricees starting at $22 and dinner at $48, We welcome all the guests to come and experience dining with a casually yet elegant mindset.

Our goal is to satisfy your love for sushi and most importantly for You to taste the authentic and quality dishes made by our Executive Chef Kazunobu Taguchi who comes with more than 20 years of experience in Japan as well in the USA. We feature three price options of Omakase sushi course set at $48, $60, and $85. We also provide a kosher omakase sushi option. Touch of Japanese hospitality allows all of our customers to pick an occasion to either take their date, business client or their best friends to come and enjoy Tokyo style sushi.


Omakase is short for "omakase shimasu," which roughly means "I trust You [chef]." For an experience built on trust, the customer must feel comfortable and open to new experiences. Omakase is a traditional Japanese dining style in which the chef provides a meal tailored to your preferences based on availability, budget, taste and seasonality.


In 2014 the owner Hirabayashi purchased well known Hotel Teisui (partially destroyed during the hurricane) and after about 1 year of renovations, the Grand Opening occurred on April 2015. Hotel is located in Akita prefecture, nestled in the middle of the nature, designed to maintain the harmony with the beautiful Oga Pennisula. The hotel building can be viewed from its surroundings with no obstruction turning itself into part of the nature. Every Guest can easily indulge in its luxury… hot spring on the side, open ocean views and sound of the waves on top of the world class food and hospitality will make it an unforgettable experience.

In 2015 our company All Frontier INC. decided to open Café Restaurant - “Hanami” located in a heart of Tokyo. After successful operations in Japan it was natural for Hirabayashi to expend the concept oversees... Our New York restaurant Omakase by Teisui it’s designed to recreate the experience of the Teisui, Ryokan*style Hotel in Akita. It’s a long way from NYC to Japan and yet our restaurant shares the same latitude (40 degrees North) as well as Omotenashi – the philosophy of the Japanese hospitality.

akita Ryokan TEISUI

Akita Ryokan TEISUI

A “Ryokan” hotel is a very different cultural concept that is unique to Japan. At this type of hotel, guests come primarily to dine, often in their room, and to relax and experience nature. Each room has a dedicated staff person who brings a tasting menu course by course.

The TEISUI hotel is historic, the only hotel in the Akita region where the Emperor stayed. It is located in a remote, isolated and beautiful spot on Oga Peninsula. Situated at the top of a mountain, there are breathtaking ocean views from every room.

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Private room


The maximum capacity for the private room is 10 people and a minimum of 6 people is required.
We require a 72 hour notice for cancellations, otherwise a cancellation fee will be charged.

Party Size
Room Charge (per person)
Less than 7 people
$50 Edamame
One drink per person
(Draft beer, wine, sake)
7 people or more
$25 Edamame
One drink per person
(Draft beer, wine, sake)

A 20% gratuity will be added onto the bill*
For parties of more than 10 people, please give us a call*



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