TEISUI is designed to recreate the experience of a Japanese Ryokan* hotel in New York City.
It’s a long way from Japan, and yet TEISUI restaurant is on the same latitude (40 degrees North)
as its sister hotel of the same name in the Akita province in Japan.

The food is prepared by a highly skilled team of Japanese chefs,
including Nobutaka Watanabe, who studied and taught at Hattori Nutritional Culinary School,
a top-rated Culinary Institute in Tokyo,
and was also Head Chef of the Hapa Izakaya restaurant in Vancouver,Canada,
and Yuichiro Yoshimura, who is an experienced yakitori chef and until recently, worked at the TEISUI Hotel.
The team works in concert and is supported by a roster of visiting chefs from the hotel in Akita, Japan.

Guests seated at the counter have the best seat in the house for the theatrical style of the open kitchen.
The experience has been designed as a yakitori kaiseki experience, a multicourse,
seasonal tasting menu, made with deluxe ingredients.

Akita's best omotenashi
TEISUI, known as the“Water Emperor”was built to blend with nature at the Oga Peninsula. Nothing interrupts you from enjoying scenery and the sound of the waves that differ in seasons.
Enjoy the hot spring facing the Sea of Japan and beautiful Japanese traditional dinning.

*A “Ryokan” hotel is a very different cultural concept that is unique to Japan.
At this type of hotel, guests come primarily to dine, often in their room, and to relax and experience nature.
Each room has a dedicated staff person who brings a tasting menu course by course.
The TEISUI hotel is historic, the only hotel in the Akita region where the Emperor stayed.
It is located in a remote, isolated and beautiful spot on Oga Pennisula. Situated at the top of a mountain,
there are breathtaking ocean views from every room.

Teisui hotels in Akita


Monday - Saturday5:30 pm - 10:30 pm

Last seating for Tasting Menu (Chef's Counter) is 9:30PM.
Last seating for A La Carte is 10:30PM.

We are located at:

246 Fifth Ave. New York, NY 10001
(entrance on 28th St. between Fifth and Broadway)

917 388 3596

28th St [N,R]
28th St [6]

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